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The World Champion Experience program runs 5 days a week and has been specifically designed for individuals seeking more from their training commitment than a membership and a free drink bottle. This program will coach you through a progressive exercise schedule that is individually paved and time-boxed towards developing a stronger, leaner, healthier you in just 6 weeks.

Chris Haseman

Fitness Industry Leader
Anstralian MMA Pioneer
Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) Veteran

Chris Haseman is one of Australia's most reputable and recognised fitness trainers and has worked with many of our elite sporting identities and national sports teams.

His expereience extends across our national sporting codes and has seen him deliver eleite fitness sessions to teams such as Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Maroons, Queensland Reds Rugby and the Wallabies just to name a few. Chris also have many years experience working in police and military training operations both domestic and overseas.

Chris was Australia's first contracted MMA Pro Fighter and has been awarded multiple achievements in the field of Martial Arts and now owns and manages Fitness College delivering nationally recognised qualifications in Personal Training.

Awarded Australian MMA Life-time Achievement Award

Inducted into Blitz Hall of Fame for Full Contact Fighter of the Year

Inducted into Blitz Hall of Fame for MMA Coach of the Year

Iraq National Police Training Program - Project Manager (2004-2007)

Brisbane Broncos - Athletic Performance Coach (2007-2008)

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Ian Jacobs

3 x World Champion Kickboxer
High-Performance Personal Trainer

"I was born with a gift that allowed me to achieve remarkable success in my life, now I am sharing all that I have learnt. I take great pride in witnessing others achieve their personal fitness and the knowledge that their personal and family health goals are being met.

Raised by tough, scrict, yet loving parents, and brought up with respect and strong family values, I was taught to believe that I could do anything I put my mind to.

I have also had the privilege of educating others to become the champions of their worlds, both physically and mentally.

Helping others to achieve their dreams is my passion, my purpose and where my heart is."

World Record for the fasted KO in kickboxing (2009 in comback fight)

Voted "Pound for Pound" Australia's greatest ever Undisputed World Champion Kickboxer

International Kickboxing Hall of Fame